Tacam Dp-03SD Portable (8 Track)

Rp 7.216.000Rp 5.779.000

The DP-03SD is very practical, powerful and compact thanks to its built-in microphones and effective mastering tools. It records
two tracks at a time at CD quality to affordable SD/SDHC memory cards and simplifies mixing with dedicated knobs for level,
pan, EQ and reverb. When a production is finished, it can be transferred to computer over USB 2.0.

Tascam Dp-006 (6 Track )

Rp 4.519.000Rp 3.619.000

The DP-006 is 6 tracks portable multi-track recorder, (2 mono tracks + 2 stereo tracks). Playback : 6 tracks simultaneous.
Tripod socket hole. Include DP-004 Features.

Tascam Dp-008EX (8 Track)

Rp 5.996.000Rp 4.799.000

The DP-008EX is a successor of DP-008, an 8-track Digital Portastudio. The following features are newly added, On-board
mastering effects (Compressor / EQ / Normalize), the simple mastering wizard, Input effects (compressor, exciter, de-esser) and
Stereo wav. file export function.

Tascam Dp-24SD (24 Track)

Rp 11.124.000Rp 8.900.000

24-track digital multitrack recorder.
Analog faders for easy mixdown operation.
CD drive and MIDI ports have been removed.

Tascam Dp-32SD (32 Track)

Rp 13.383.000Rp 10.709.000

32 tracks (8x monaural tracks + 12x stereo tracks)• 21 faders for easy mixdown operation.
No-CD-RW Drive version of the DP-32.
CD-RW drive and MIDI ports have been removed.