Beyerdynamic Drum Set Pro XL (Drum Microphone Set)

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Beyerdynamic TG DrumSets offer high-performance drum microphones from the Touring Gear series. The beyerdynamic TG DrumSet PRO is a professional pre-made drum mic kit which includes:

- 1x Bass drum Boundary microphone TG D71
- 2x Condenser microphones D57c for Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
- 3x Condenser Microphones D58c for Snare/Tom Toms (cardioid, Clip-On)
- 2x Condenser microphones MC 930 for overhead (cardioid)
- 1x Condenser microphone MC 950 for Hi-hat (super-cardioid)
- Solid M Bag Drum Softbag with protective foam insert and space for additional microphones and accessories
- Microphone clips